Burberry’s New Lip Liquid Velvet

I am an avid lipstick user/ addict and I honestly buy a ton of lipsticks that I don’t need or that I own already. But my go-to’s have always been matte lippies.

However, sometimes, I do get into a dilemma of having matte lipsticks that are too dry  or end up too chalky on my lips. The newest liquid matte lipsticks have been a game-changer.

And with that, I could not have been happier to get the new Burberry Lip Liquid Velvet lip kit compliments of Influenster!

This box was so cute! It came in a plum-colored box with matching plum-colored tissue paper. Inside were four lip goodies from Burberry: a lip liner, a highlighter and two of the new colors in “Plum” and “Fawn.” I fell in love instantly.

This time, there was a little pamphlet with directions on how to use each product, which I think is great because I like to know the purpose of the products or how they’re supposed to be used.

The Burberry goodies from Influenster. (shot with iPhone 6S, edited with VSCO Cam.)
The Burberry goodies from Influenster (top to bottom: lip highlighter, “Bright Plum” Lip Liquid Velvet, “Raisin” Lip Definer, “Fawn Rose” Lip Liquid Velvet and liner sharper.) Shot with iPhone 6S, edited with VSCO Cam.

Lip Liquid Velvet

Influenster x Burberry was generous to give us not one but two(!) Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets to try. The two colors I got were similar yet so different.

1 – “Bright Plum” (no.49)

This shade is a pinkish plum with sort of a blueish tone. It’s not too deep of a color and doesn’t really come off as too much. It’s also great since blue tones don’t make your teeth look yellow!

“Bright Plum”
2 – “FAWN Rose” (NO.09)

This one came in a gorgeous deep pink blush color. It’s similar to the Colourpop lippie, “Clueless” but not as matte or dry. This liquid velvet is also great for everyday wear — it goes with everything! The best part is that even though it has a grayish tone, it doesn’t make my face look washed up.

“Fawn Rose”

Lip Definer

Though there were two lippies in the box, there was only one liner, which came in “Raisin.”

It was one of the best lip liners I’ve ever used: it was super easy to glide on, and even though it was matte, it didn’t feel dry nor was it hard to apply even on chapped lips. The liner blended in nicely with the lipstick and it definitely made my lips POP.

“Raisin” Lip Definer
“Bright Plum” with “Raisin” liner

The liner also came with a sharpener, which I was so thankful for because I’m usually left with dull pencils and nothing to sharpen them with.

Burberry Fresh Glow Highlighter

Nothing makes lips pop even more than a shimmering highlight. This stick is not overwhelming and is really light. Even with a few strokes, it just gets a bit intense.

It’s perfect for the cupid’s bow and under the bottom lip.

“Fresh Glow”


These lippies really lived up to their name as “Liquid Velvet.” They were silky smooth and didn’t look flakey  — even on chapped lips! The color you see in the bottle is also exactly what you get when you apply it on your lips.

Burberry’s new collection of Lip Liquid Velvets.

I would definitely recommend trying these if you’re not so into the matte lipsticks. These feel nice and stay on pretty well — i just drank coffee and they’re still on!


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